Ehasa ry – TSTOS18 Parola

Parola was nice and interesting once again! The weather was interesting to say the least :). Super warm and humid during the first day – night. It was so dry  and calm in fact that when a car drove by the cast off dust from the sandy roads stayed in the air for 10 – 15 min. Gave the possibility for some cool photos!

During day two, the weather was still humid and warm with light rain. It turned to a storm in a matter of minutes during the evening. The pressing high-pressure zone came in and circulated the whole game area. A Thunderstorm came closer and suddenly the temperature dropped several degrees and then the rain  begun. Did you make ditches around your tent? If not then now it was too late.

Our camp stayed dry due to well put up tarp and secondary tarp to cover our gear with.

Last year I performed as a platoon leader and was suppose to this year too. But due to a personal loss I gave my role to a teammate and took over his role as medic instead. Haven’t played as a medic before and it was different! Our team had 3 participants this year, that in this case formed the platoon leader group: Cyanid as platoon leader, Ghost as scout with his SRS and me as medic. I also doubled as the platoon 2ic (second in command), this helped him with comms a lot. We both carry double radios, Cyanid even listened to 3 channels in total. I had our platoon channel and the leader group so that we could coordinate and take part of the platoon with me if needed.

As a medic in the leader group my first priority was to keep our leader alive, so I was in his vicinity almost all the time. As per default, the leader moves a bit behind the troops, so that he can coordinate the platoon and not get shot himself. our whole group moved behind the troops, Ghost had good effect with his srs from a bit further behind the front line and I had the chance to heal troops here and there when needed, yes there was some running involved 😀

All in all I’d say we succeeded in our operations quite well! Already discussing and starting som pre planning for next year! This puts an end to the big events for this summer, now remains to do trips to friend associations around in Finland!


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