A&K SR25

My all time favorite weapon! Bought through an airsoft flea market. I’m probably the third owner (at least). Each owner has added his charm to the weapon. This particular one was my main go to rifle for almost 3 years. The weapon came with: Nozzle alignment done (hight and side) Lonex A2 high speed motor […]

P&J SR25k my primary

This rifle was bought mostly as spare parts for my main SR25 DMR at first but after a couple of years of building, tuning and more tuning turned out pristine! Nowadays the short Carbine version and the long one are both in prime condition. Shortly, this came working “ok” from a flea market purchase. The […]

Action Army T10

Once I heard about this Airsoft replica I sprung to action checking availability in shops! What an good looking and excellent price range VSR-style replica. I ended up ordering one from Airsoftshopeurope.com Including some minor upgrades and a couple of extra mags. In the initial package:  T10 replica 1 x Mag user manual Other things […]

My CIRAS loadout

When I started out back in the day, I got an old crappy Miltec vest from a friend, so that I’d get pockets on me and started overall. I later changed the Miltec vest to a proper base vest from Tasmanian Tiger. Worked pretty well and don’t get me wrong, It’s a damn good base […]

The Bunker wall 2014 vs 2019

The Bunker Replica wall from 2014: From the top: 1. Well Mb-01, AWG or L96 whatever you want to call it. Gamestyle: Recon Tune: 2.85 – 2.92 J, bolt action (by spring) Effective range: 50 – 60 m Magazine cap: 30 bbs 2. A&K SR25 DMR Gamestyle: Recon, support or pre-assault Tune: 2.20 – 2.25 […]

Double Eagle M89 UMP

Oh my, it has been some time since I had this replica! Got this replica from Rhino a few years ago for next to nothing. Customized it into a CQB replica by changing down the spring to a M90 main spring to get it CQB legal in our game areas around the region. Below 1 […]

No posts in a while

Hi There!                 I have not been able to make a post in a while for personal reasons. Now I’m looking at a fully booked calendar of upcoming events and stuff related to playing Airsoft, maintenance, service and building stuff! Going to release a couple of drafts I’ve […]

Ehasa ry – TSTOS18 Parola

Parola was nice and interesting once again! The weather was interesting to say the least :). Super warm and humid during the first day – night. It was so dry  and calm in fact that when a car drove by the cast off dust from the sandy roads stayed in the air for 10 – […]

Specna Arms SAEC SA-V02

I try again to get myself a spring testing platform. This time i got myself the shortest Specna SAEC there is right now, the SA-V02. Code name “shorty”, because come on, it is damn short compared to what I am used to (SR25). The overall quality of the weapon is good and sturdy for its […]