Have a nice Midsummer weekend!

For many Scandinavians midsummer means celebrating with family or friends, head out boating, decorating a midsummer pole, drinking, camping lighting a bonfire. But for many Airsofters this time is spent packing and preparing for Berget. Have I got all that we’ll need during our operations? Something is still missing… Well lets hope everything is packed […]

Brokkr Custom

Today was a great day! The new name Brokkr Custom finally got trough registration and was approved! This means there is a lot of work to be done: this page, instagram, accounting, marketing, not to mention all the service and upgrade cases that are in right now!

Berget16 soon!

In 4 weeks I’ll be taking off for berget 16! Have a couple of weapons that needs to be fixed before this, not to mention my own. After Berget I can again take in new service cases!

Great News!

Brokkr Custom is finally taking shape! Been working on the new website for a while, the shop is still not done! Patches and stickers on the way, gift packages arriving soon! Much to do, much to do!