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Usable links:


Mainly a trade route finder tool but the database can also be used for finding stations, services, ship and modules sell locations.


Ship builder tool. The tool has presets for different kind of activities for every ship currently in the game. Easy to find basic builds, usually you will tweak the build for your own needs afterwards, but the base is usuasly the same.


A companion page that can sync your account data from frontier. Keep track on money, materials and your fleet. A Lot of offline information about the galaxy. Mainly used for tracking engineering 


Good to know

There are three different flight speeds:

  • Normal speed, where the speed is set in meters per second, movement in all directions is possible.
  • Supercruise, where the minimum speed is 30 000 km/h forward all the time.
  • Hyperspace jump, where the ship is aligned to a star and jumped all the way in an instance.

When approaching a location in supercruise, never go below 6 seconds to arrival. That is the minimum time it takes to slow down and jump out to the destination safely.

All objects, planets, stars have a gravitational pull that affects the FSD in supercruise. Flying close to a planet will slow you down and can be used to your advantage. If you need to speed up fast, go away and avoid planets and stars.

5A Frame shift drive?

The number and lettering tells you stuff.

The number is the size of the module. The bigger the number, the bigger a ship is the bigger the core internals need to be to operate.

The letter on the other hand is the grade of the module. This corresponds to all the core internas, utilities and most of the optional modules.

A – Best of its size

B – Most hit points, also heaviest (decreases jumprange)

C – Most cost effective and efficient (lowest emissions, same weight as A)

D – The lightest, intermediate output (increases jump range)

E – Stock module, worst

In some cases for exploration builds you can use a smaller size module instead of the “correct” one.

Weapons have their own lettering. Players usually talk about the following

Small (class 1), Medium (class 2), Large (class 3), Huge (class 4)

Weapons can be:

Fixed (minimal tracking 3-5 degrees) has a crosshair as a symbol

Gimballed (tracking 10 – 20 degrees) dependent on the sensor quality (A – E) has a 2 axis oval symbol.

Turreted (Tracking 360) has a weapon mount as a symbol.

The weapon damage is different for all the above, fixed being the highest and the turret being the worst.

My thoughts on the ships

Sidewinder – The beginner ship. Said to be an all-arounder, but really, you need to get out of this ship as soon as possible.

Eagle – Small fighter, the most nimble ship in the game. In the hands of an experienced pilot and some engineering, it can be a real pain in the ass for enemies.

Hauler – The cheapest “trading” ship in the game. I say “trading” because the wopping 26 t of cargo ain’t much. The ship is most widely used as a taxi. It is the cheapest ship that can do over 30 ly jump range with stock modules. It is also very widely available for both purchase and outfitting.

Imperial Eagle –  The Imperial version of the eagle. It is beefier but is not as nimble. This is the speedster though, it’s boost speed is the fastest in the game.

Viper mk3 – The first real combat ship you can get. It packs enough firepower to take down bigger ship together with friends in Vipers. A typical PVP ship. The viper also has the fastest cruise speed in the game, boost is slower than the iEagle though.

Cobra mk3 – Cheapest all arounder. It can transport cargo (max 64 t), it can jump when stripped down (28 ly), it can fight (same weapon loadout as the Viper mk3). Weapon placement restrict the use of fixed weapons. Everybody should own one at one point in the game.

Viper Mk4 – Better range, more armour, better shields and more optional module bays than the mk3, but it is much less nimble.

Diamondback Scout – Also called the DBS for short. Only thing standing out to me is that it has the most efficient core internals in the game. This means if you stop your engines for a stand still, people loose contact of you even at ranges as close as 1.5 km. This also means that it is the best ship for smuggling.

Cobra mk4 – Worst ship ever. First year of service only ship, If you bought the game back in the days you have access to this piece of shit.

Type-6 – The cheapest actually usable ship for trading. It is a ship dead in the water, so recommended to have an escort using this ship. People may not realize, but it actually can double as an exploration ship. Stripped down it has 33 ly jump range.

Diamondback Explorer – Also known as the DBX is a very capable exploration ship in its size. It is on par with the other two slightly bigger ships in the long range exploration class with its 40 ly stripped down jump range.

Imperial Courier – There is a lot of good to say about the Courier. It has excellent shields, good maneuverability and speed. It has decent optional module capacity for its size, it has excellent jump range. Finally its elegant, and you feel like your flying a fighter jet in its coppit and sounds.

Keelback –   😀

Asp Scout – hmm

Vulture – The absolute beast of a combat ship. The fact that you have 2 x Class 3 weapon slot, one on each side of the cockpit on a small ship is awesome. There is some module sacrifice you have to do to make it run pre-engineering. Because all of the above this is the smallest ship that can take care of itself in combat. Jump Range is average, shields a good but really, you can avoid fire with this thing.

Asp Explorer – The most iconic exploration ship. Its a medium size ship, that can fit everything you need to any exploration trip. One of the top 3 choices for exploration right now. For combat it could be a little more nimble, but tbh its not made for combat. Back in the days this was the best rare commodity trader also, good cargo capacity with its excellent jump range.

Federal Drop Ship – The worst of the federal ships. There is no real reason to own this vessel, other than imposing the Federal navy and transport troops.

Type-7 – The intermediate trader, and very good for its price. Its also called the flying coffin, because you may want to have an escort while trading in this ship. It can’t take care of it’s own if interdicted by a pirate.

Alliance Chieftain – The best of the three new Alliance ships. It has enough maneuverability to take care of itself in combat. Also has enough optional space to bring something else for the ride. 

Federal Assault Ship –  Also called the FAS. The best of the smaller Federal navy ships. It has insane maneuverability for its size and can pack a punch. Even experienced pilots can get taken with their trousers down when it comes to a face off with this ship.

Imperial Clipper – The medium… *cough* Large ship that the imperial navy implemented. Very popular all-arounder. Bad weapons placement, so fixed weapons are out of the question. 

Alliance Crusader – Nothing to say really, its similar to the Chieftain, not as nimble but can have a fighter bay installed.

Alliance Challenger – No, just no…

Federal Gunship – A combination with the dropship and assault ship, not as shitty as the dropship, but not as good as the FAS. It has many gun placements and a fighter bay, paperthin shields but ok hull

Krait Phantom – The third and new medium / small exploration ship. My current exploration ship. It has a similar jump range as the Asp Explorer, but has better combat capabilities. The coppit is slightly “worse” than the Asp Explorer.

Krait Mk2 – The best all-arounder in the medium size range. It can take on everything in a hazardous Resource extraction site with ease in capable hands. It can carry some cargo, it can have an srv bay, it can have a fighter. Nightstalkers all time favorite ship,.

Orca – medium sized passenger liner

Fer-de-lance –  Also called the FDL. The best combat ship in the game, when mastered. It needs finesse to master, using too much trust overshoots the target and it takes a while to get back in to the blue and turn for the target again.

Mamba – Almost as the FDL Lacks the nimbleness, there is sadly nothing else special about this ship, except its looks.

Python – The Largest cargo runner capable of landing on a medium pad. On par in combat and multi-role with its new brother the Krait mk2. Instead of having a Fighter bay the python has more cargo. This ship is probably the best mining ship also, because of the possibility to sell on a smaller station.

Type-9 – Biggest trading ship in the game (The cutter can have 4 t more). It is called the space cow because of its size and slow speed. It can carry half a station at a time with ease. It might need some escort though, because it will attract pirates with its juicy cargo.

Beluga Liner – The biggest luxurious space liner, plain and simple. Seen people ferry passengers all the way to colonia with this ship. I’d say it would be the way to travel if you ask me.  

Type-10 Defender – In co op with the Alliance, Lakon spaceways produced this ship to defend the inhabited space from targoid attacks shortly after the first stations got hit. Due to its hardpoints, it has the highest possible damage output of all ships

Anaconda – Biggest, most expensive ship you can get without reputation. It’s considered to be the independent pilots ship. It’s the ultimate multirole ship. Back in the days, when money was hard to get, this was really the one and only. Before the T10 this was the DPS and hull tank king. Stripped down she can do well over 40 ly, so good in exploration too. Due to the size of the FSD she can carry a lot with her too and still jump far. Maximum cargo 470 t

Federal Corvette – The Federal navy’s pride. The ultimate weapon in the game. Only ship in the game with 2 x class 4 huge hardpoints, and they are located just above the bridge in a tight formation. It is told that this would be the outcome if a vulture and the anaconda had a baby. It handles like  a much smaller ship and you can easily stay on target when in a fight. The Shields are the second best in the game.

Imperial Cutter – The Empires pride. Can’t say the designer had combat primarily in mind when designing this ship. It has the best shield in the game, and is also the most expensive.  A Prismatic class 8 shield with 8 boosters engineered for heavy duty, you can reach 10 000 mj shield with this beast. Hardpoint placements are odd, but due to the shields that shouldn’t be a problem. The top speed and boost is exemplary, and you can outrun any NPC pirate with this ship. The Cutter has the largest possible cargo with its wopping 794 t. Jump range is decent. This ship is elegant though, you can wear a suit, drink vine and look out the window while the turrets take care of any hostile engagements.