My CIRAS loadout

When I started out back in the day, I got an old crappy Miltec vest from a friend, so that I’d get pockets on me and started overall. I later changed the Miltec vest to a proper base vest from Tasmanian Tiger. Worked pretty well and don’t get me wrong, It’s a damn good base vest for the hobbyist, but it lacks realism. There is no plate insert option.

In 2014 I bought a CIRAS by MFH from Rhino, and boy that loadout saw changes and use. I probably was attending close to 50 events during 2014 using the CIRAS. I use it with my 7.62 AK mags as an assault rig, with my 7.62 sr25 loadout as support role and also heavy recon role.

The heavy recon loadout stuck all the way to the end of 2018, when the wear and tear on the poor MFH CIRAS was starting to come to and end. Had to get a updated version of the same style of vest so I turned to Flyyes version of the Maritime CIRAS, in ranger green. The model is made of Cordura 1000d so it’s a lot stronger than the MFH vest ever was but also alot heavier.

In the MFH I hade foam inserts for the lighter recon loadout and on assault loadout 5 mm plastic boards to keep the shape together.

Have to properly test the Flyye out still to give a solid opinion on it.

Here is the loadout on the MFH and the FLyye, think you can see the difference…

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