Action Army T10

Once I heard about this Airsoft replica I sprung to action checking availability in shops! What an good looking and excellent price range VSR-style replica. I ended up ordering one from Including some minor upgrades and a couple of extra mags.

In the initial package:

  •  T10 replica
  • 1 x Mag
  • user manual

Other things in the order:

  • 2 x Action Army VSR-10 mags
  • Action Army VSR-10 90 Degree Aluminium piston
  • Action Army VSR-10 Spring Guide
  • Action Army M130 Mainspring
  • Maple Leaf 70 degrees Autobot hop-up rubber


On first glance the replica has a nice finnish, is good looking and also feels sturdy and good in your hands. The body itself is made of some kind of polymer, with holes and metallic bits and pieces here and there. The barrel, piston housing and piston is metal. Piston itself is steal, whilst the barrel and  housing is aluminium.

Inner barrel and hop-up

The inner barrel is a standard VSR-10 length 430 mm but 6,03 mm wide. The inner barrel comes with one spacer. The Hop-up chamber is made of aluminium. The tuning is done from the outside on the side of the outer barrel. Adjustment is in steps with a metal ball on creased lines in the chamber wall. The rubber is a very standard GBB / VSR rubber, surprisingly hard.

Inside the Cylinder and trigger

The cylinder itself is steel, as mentioned before, while the piston and spring guide are both plastic. The piston is even a little elastic. Main spring is probably M90 since the replica performs at 0,87 – 0,91 J (0.20 g bb) through the chronograph.

The trigger is a 90 Degree trigger, shell and parts are metal.


After installing the new stuff: piston, spring guide, mainspring, new rubber and in addition a ~6 mm sorbothane to the cylinder head for shock absorption,  I took this setup to the field for the first time.  The hop-up was tricky to get in the right position. Still worked pretty well to be almost a stock VSR replica!

Hop-up Chamber

After the initial field test, the stock hop-up chamber had to go. So I ordered the ACC Reinforced Hop-up Chamber for VSR style replicas. This Improved accuracy noticeably because of the adjustment style. The Stock had an arm with grooves on it sliding over a metal ball to get “click” positions while the upgraded chamber has a fully grooveless hex screw in the bottom that is stiff and adjustable to very small increments.

In the same process a swapped out the inner barrel to a Poseidon air-cushion 6.35 mm x 363 long precision barrel. This was tricky to get in the right position due to the air-cushion groove, that has to be 100 % aligned with the hop-up and replica to work.

When tuned in, this combo worked excellent! Initial test was done on a firing range, and got up to 50 – 60 m accurate shots layed down, but need to be tested under a more pressing situation, like a weekend game still!


I’m very pleased to see yet another copy of the famous Tokyo Marui VSR-10, in the form of something a little different than the classic VSR. The Replica looks good and modern to me, although the internals are all good old VSR parts. The out of the box performance for its price is more than I could have expected, but with a few upgrades it’s very locked in and precise!

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