G&G gk99 or RK95tp

This is the first in a gun series that I am going to write every once in a while. Not going to go too deep into the guns, but touch on pros and cons.

My first ever real Airsoft gun (used to play with springer pistols a lot when i was little). Bought It from Redwolf pre-upgraded with a reliability upgrade. The Parts inside were: Cylinder set Prometheus, reinforced gears (G&G), stock motor, spring guide with a ball-bearing. To my knowledge it also was properly shimmed in shop before shipping.

The gun worked excellent as it was, small visual upgrades were made, nothing stays absolutely stock, ever…

Added a AK side-mount and an ACOG scope to it, silencer and Tactical-tailors sling.

After a while I added a Madbull black Python 455 mm 6,03 mm tight-bore and later even a V3 ASCU and an Action Army R30000 motor to spice it up.

Still own this rifle, it is very reliable and often used as a back up or spare weapon on bigger scenarios.

For an AK fan, this is not really your thing I think. For Finns on the other hand the RK stands for something, and G&g did a very good job on that, some parts feel cheap when others actually are almost comparable to the real thing.

4 thoughts on “G&G gk99 or RK95tp

  1. What was the process to mount the AK side mount? Silencer details would be appreciated too, just got the replica and having a tough time finding build ideas and this one hits just right.
    Hope I can get a reply!

    1. The sidemount is a sidemount made for an AK, if I remember correctly the rear mounting whole fit fine and the front hole in the mount I drilled larger to get it to fit the mounting holes on the replica itself. Then I sourced suitable low profile screws and sanded down the heads for a more snug fit and spray painted them black.

      The Silencer is a random All-china-made silencer, approx 200 mm long, from what i know its a 7.62 or .308 style sniper silencer, thin and “long”

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