P&J SR25k my primary

This rifle was bought mostly as spare parts for my main SR25 DMR at first but after a couple of years of building, tuning and more tuning turned out pristine! Nowadays the short Carbine version and the long one are both in prime condition.

Shortly, this came working “ok” from a flea market purchase. The output was low for a DMR, but ok for a rifle (1.4 J). It had a “M16” type stock. Tried almost everything to get this up and after testing 4 – 5 different nozzles, a couple different cylinder packages (normal, and back to bore up). I Also changed hop-up chambers and different rubbers.

Also tried a long tight bore, still wouldn’t get the velocity up. The inner barrel that I ended up with was the Modify-Tech Hybrid (steel first part and rest aluminium) a 407 mm long and 6.01 mm in diameter.

Everything just gave me a steady 1.25 – 1.3 J velocity all the time. After 2 – 3 years of countless testing I asked a local guru from Finland what could be wrong. He pointed out that the nozzle alignment might be off. And there it was, with only one piece of folded electric tape between the gearbox shell and the lower receiver gave it an addition 1 J = 2.25 J.

The rest of the build contains:

Mosfet: Airsoft-Systems ASCU gen 5

Cylinder: Cylinder stock, with AEL cylinder head and Nozzle. SHS reinforced long piston with 19 steel teeth.

Gears: SHS Reinforced 16:1 SR25 gears.

AoE corrected with large piece of Sorbothane (6 mm)

Motor: SHS High Torque

Externally I changed the stock to a RS1 “sniper look”- stock. Added angled iron sights to the side and also a angled front grip from Magpul.

In 2019 my teammate Basbe painted the externals

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