Specna Arms SAEC SA-B03

This Specna was ment to be my own testing platform, I bought it just with that in mind.

The overall quality of the weapon is good and sturdy for its cost. This particular one is a longer version, that is suitable for both assault and dmr builds. Had a little problem getting the prowin lined up and working right at first. The first rubber I used was the Modify-Tech flat rubber. Its easy but in this case not, it’s lips was somewhat too long and produced feeding issues. Now working well with a flat modded G&G Green rubber.

The Idea was to use the platform for spring testing (output standard) and at the same time have a usable M4 platform for game use. Then a friend bid on it and bought it off my hand before I got it to the field.

I upgraded it with a bunch of stuff:

Mosfet: Airsoft- Systems ASCU unit for v2 gen 4

Cylinder package: SHS Bore up Set (Cylinder, Piston head, Cylinder head and nozzle)

Inner Barrel: MadBull Black Python II 6.03 mm diameter

Hop: Chamber Prowin m4 series, g&g green rubber flat modded

Gears: SHS High Torque 100:300 gears (To be changed into either 16:1 or 13:1)

Motor: SHS High Torque

Trigger: Retro Arms CNC fast trigger

Stock price (new): 270 € (Gunfire.pl)

Brokkr Custom modded price: 492 €


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