Specna Arms SAEC SA-V02

I try again to get myself a spring testing platform. This time i got myself the shortest Specna SAEC there is right now, the SA-V02. Code name “shorty”, because come on, it is damn short compared to what I am used to (SR25).

The overall quality of the weapon is good and sturdy for its cost, as with the B03. This particular one is the shortest version, that is suitable for either a short assault rifle or CQB build.

The internals got almost the same upgrade as the B03, except the gears and barrel:

Mosfet: Airsoft- Systems ASCU unit for v2 gen 4

Cylinder package: SHS Bore up Set (Cylinder, Piston head, Cylinder head and nozzle)

Inner Barrel: Stock 200 mm long, diameter unknown right now.

Hop: Chamber stock, very very common chamber. I put in the Modify Flat hop rubber and nub.

Gears: SHS Super High-Speed 12:1 gears. (The first set I put in had a deffect Spur; The lower and upper part of the gear came loose from each other during primary testing.

Motor: SHS High Torque

Trigger: Retro Arms CNC fast trigger (Black)

The Trigger respons and speed of the gearbox was excellent, a very solid SSG build. Using the stock spring it clocks at 1.35 – 1.4 J. Best suitable for 0.25 g it seems. Still have to get it out to the field for final testing.

Stock Price (new):  about 240 € (Gunfire.pl)

Brokkr Custom modded price: 469 €

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