VFC HK416c

The one rifle talked about alot, seen and feared on the local field. The VFC HK416c is built of sturdy and quality materials. Externally the markings are authentic to a real steal gun, except the caliber of the gun.

Internally there has been some magic made! First and farmost the heart of the gun houses the Titan advanced mosfet. Thanks to the mosfet, and the round counter the gun has been in on service with an interval of about 20 000 rounds. Everything has been in good condition each time, the cylinder dries up by 20 k rounds but otherwise very good.

Due to the model of the weapon, the mosfet is front wired. A Cyma battery box (Peq box) added to house the battery 132 × 47 × 24,8 mm.

More parts and modifications:

ProWin m4 series hop chamber, IR hopped PDI 247mm long and 6,01 mm diameter steel barrel with a G&G green rubber as seal.

Inside the Gearbox, parts and things:

  •  16:1 SHS reinforced gears, short stroked by 2 teath and Lonex spiral pinion + bevel gear
  • Stock 8 mm bushings
  • Shimming made to perfection
  • The motor used in this is the Action Army Infinity AAC R-35000 High torque
  • SHS Reinforced, lightened 14 steel teeth piston, missing 2 teeth (due short stroking and AoE)
  • Stock O-ringed nozzle
  • SHS Tappet plate, sanded a little bit for smooth operation.
  • Lonex Steel full cylinder
  • SHS Aluminium Cylinder head
  • Lonex POM Piston head, with bearing
  • Main spring guide stock, with bearing
  • Angle of Engagement corrected with a piece of Sorbothane

Some external details:
Sight: Vector Optics Maverick 1×22
Trigger: Retro Arms CNC fast trigger (pull shortened)
Front grip: FMA RVG
Silencer: Airsoft-Pro 160 x 40 mm


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