Specna Arms SAEC SA-B03

This Specna was ment to be my own testing platform, I bought it just with that in mind. The overall quality of the weapon is good and sturdy for its cost. This particular one is a longer version, that is suitable for both assault and dmr builds. Had a little problem getting the prowin lined […]

VFC HK416c

The one rifle talked about alot, seen and feared on the local field. The VFC HK416c is built of sturdy and quality materials. Externally the markings are authentic to a real steal gun, except the caliber of the gun. Internally there has been some magic made! First and farmost the heart of the gun houses […]

Brokkr Custom WE G17

Due to popularity, I made a couple of my own signature Glocks! This is available to order, right now by contacting me. It will also be added to the shop later when the shop is ready. This glock is what I have used for about 4 years. A WE G17 gen 4 base pistol, with […]

Have a nice Midsummer weekend!

For many Scandinavians midsummer means celebrating with family or friends, head out boating, decorating a midsummer pole, drinking, camping lighting a bonfire. But for many Airsofters this time is spent packing and preparing for Berget. Have I got all that we’ll need during our operations? Something is still missing… Well lets hope everything is packed […]

Specna Arms Core (SA-C04)

In March this year i got the oppertunity to test and review a new Core line gun from Specna Arms. Here is the review I made back then: Specna Arms Core (SA-C04) In the box: Specna arms broshure and the guns user manual Metallic Specna Arms Hi-cap stanag mag Plastic vertical front grip Battery charger […]

Well Mb-01 or L96

Way back, shortly after I bought the GK99, I also picked up a spring loaded rifle, in this case the L96 (by Well, Mb-01).  As stock, these guns don’t work, as their precision versus their practicality is very off. Long clumsy rifle, that shoots one shot, then you need to reload the spring and get […]

G&G gk99 or RK95tp

This is the first in a gun series that I am going to write every once in a while. Not going to go too deep into the guns, but touch on pros and cons. My first ever real Airsoft gun (used to play with springer pistols a lot when i was little). Bought It from […]

Brokkr Custom

Today was a great day! The new name Brokkr Custom finally got trough registration and was approved! This means there is a lot of work to be done: this page, instagram, accounting, marketing, not to mention all the service and upgrade cases that are in right now!

Berget16 soon!

In 4 weeks I’ll be taking off for berget 16! Have a couple of weapons that needs to be fixed before this, not to mention my own. After Berget I can again take in new service cases!

Great News!

Brokkr Custom is finally taking shape! Been working on the new website for a while, the shop is still not done! Patches and stickers on the way, gift packages arriving soon! Much to do, much to do!