It all started out in 2010, as a support service for the Airsoft Team Valkyries. Back then I made maps and some patches in small amounts. Shortly I joined the team and in the same process started teching with airsoft replicas.

In 2013 the word of my teching spread from friends, to friends of friends. In 2015 the business had grown so much that it was time to register it, and as I already had access to our family company Gosmos Factory, we added a second business name, Gosmo Handyman.

Later in 2018 it was time to break free from the name Gosmo, and what better name to use than Brokkr Custom. Taking into account that this hobby and roots began with the Valkyries and their motto; “Angels of the battlefield that choose who to send to Valhalla and who will stay and fight” from the Norse Mythology. Brokkr, in the Norse Mythology, was one of the blacksmiths that forged Thor’s hammer; Mjölnir.

2021 my father layed down the family business and I started my own to transfer the company name Brokkr Custom to my own, Valhalla Works. Now Valhalla Works is the main company that owns Brokkr Custom.

Nothing stays stock!