The work I do focuses on maintenance service and repairing AEG’s (Automatic electric gun). Therefore most of the work is focused in and around the guns gearbox.

Services shortly listed below and what they include:

Airsoft replica annual service & maintenance 60 €

The gun is cleaned both internally and externally. All parts are checked for wear and tare and the customer is informed. The gearbox is cleaned of all grease and new grease is added.

The gun is also tested both before and after the maintenance to ensure everything works as it should.

Taking care of you airsoft replica is like taking care of a real gun. All metal parts need grease to function and to be more resistant to rust. An active airsofter puts somewhere between 20 – 50 000 rounds trough the barrel every year (at least 30 – 40 weekend games a year and using semi and full auto depending on situations)

Airsoft replica upgrade and tuning services 60 – 300+ €

The pricing of tuning upgrades depend on what type of work needs to be done. Changing one part out in the gearbox would be the fixed 36 €. When there is additional work included like fixing Angle of Engagement  or short stroking gears the price rises.

Individual services externally:

Exchange cables 10 € (cables included)

Exchange battery coupling 5 € (parts included, Deans)

Flat hop mod 15 € (Customers bucking and nub)

Inner barrel exchange 10 € (Customers barrel)

IR Hop 60 € (Customers inner barrel, bucking and nub)

Inside the Gearbox, Starting fee 60 €

Mosfet installation


Gear short stroking

Angle of Engagement AoE correction

1 – 2 parts exchange (Piston, piston head, cylinder, cylinder head, mainspring, tappet plate, nozzle)


Complete cylinder upgrade (Nozzle, cylinder head, piston head, piston) 65 €

Complete gearbox tuneup 85 € (Cylinder pack, gears, shimming, mosfet, AoE correction)

Shell exchange 85 € (Inner parts are moved over to new shell)

Airsoft replica Custom Work

Custom work is hard to put a price tag on. This work is fairly new and will be explored more! So far I’ve made five completely custom guns. These projects start out as a new airsoft replica that then is customized to the customers needs with a touch of my magic.

All prices incl. Finnish 24 % VAT