The Bunker wall 2014 vs 2019

The Bunker Replica wall from 2014: From the top: 1. Well Mb-01, AWG or L96 whatever you want to call it. Gamestyle: Recon Tune: 2.85 – 2.92 J, bolt action (by spring) Effective range: 50 – 60 m Magazine cap: 30 bbs 2. A&K SR25 DMR Gamestyle: Recon, support or pre-assault Tune: 2.20 – 2.25 […]

No posts in a while

Hi There!                 I have not been able to make a post in a while for personal reasons. Now I’m looking at a fully booked calendar of upcoming events and stuff related to playing Airsoft, maintenance, service and building stuff! Going to release a couple of drafts I’ve […]

Ehasa ry – TSTOS18 Parola

Parola was nice and interesting once again! The weather was interesting to say the least :). Super warm and humid during the first day – night. It was so dry¬† and calm in fact that when a car drove by the cast off dust from the sandy roads stayed in the air for 10 – […]

Brokkr Custom WE G17

Due to popularity, I made a couple of my own signature Glocks! This is available to order, right now by contacting me. It will also be added to the shop later when the shop is ready. This glock is what I have used for about 4 years. A WE G17 gen 4 base pistol, with […]