Double Eagle M89 UMP

Oh my, it has been some time since I had this replica! Got this replica from Rhino a few years ago for next to nothing. Customized it into a CQB replica by changing down the spring to a M90 main spring to get it CQB legal in our game areas around the region. Below 1 J is allowed  mostly in indoor situations Basically went through the gearbox, changed a few things that where worn down and added a Gate Merf 3.2 mosfet. Set the full auto position to a timed 3 round burst (the mosfet does not support gearbox positioning).

Had a lot of fun with it!

Also played with it outdoors a couple of times, but going prone and moving around with it was a bit clumsy outdoors, due to the big magazine size.

Have since parted ways with this replica!


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